2024 Summer Leagues Sign-ups now open

Make your summer extra hot and sign-up today because sign-ups close June 21st!

Reasons to play Medalist League:

• Local Finals (no airplane required!)

• Cash Payouts (over $41,000 DOLLARS! 2022 Fall-Winter season)

• Gold and Silver Cup (and now Bronze)

Don’t forget that the player portal is always available to check out where you last stood!

Download the summer proforma

Summer proforma

SINCE 1982

Dart Tournaments & Competition

Welcome to Networks Sports LLC, home of the Medalist Games. We are the go-to spot for Dart Tournaments since 1982. We’re all about creating a friendly community vibe in venues across Washington and Oregon – think restaurants, bars, and even casinos. It’s an open invite for everyone to dive into the fun, with our league embracing all genders, making connections, and sharing the love for Darts.

What makes our tournaments a special? Well, it’s not just about showing off your skills; we’ve got some sweet cash prizes up for grabs too. We love highlighting our talented players, and we’re all about the competitive spirit in every dart competition. Plus, the Medalist Games make sure to highlight local champs, giving a shoutout to the awesome talent in our own backyards and letting participants rep their regions on the big stage.

We’re throwing tournaments all year round, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie, there’s always a spot for you to soak up the camaraderie. For more information, contact us or sign up for our upcoming league. Be part of the fun celebrating competition, diversity, and community at the Medalist Games. Let’s create some epic moments together.

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